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sunnuntai 19. kesäkuuta 2011

Koff III

Sinebrychoff's Koff III is one of those many bulkbeers here in Finland and it's a typical 4,5% pale lager. I actually haven't quite like it so much before, but I bought it again for some reason I don't know and it really tastes different than those other bulks. Ok, it is a bit watery and a little thin at mouthfeel, but it got some hops in its taste what is somewhat rare at any bulkbeer of the world. Also it's quite refreshing and pure.

We have this midsummer day (juhannus) or finnish flag day coming in next weekend when we usually go to celebrate it to a cottage, that usually is located near to a shoreline to swim, sauna, drinking, relaxing and just having a good time. For that kind of "action" Koff is a great drink - It's quite neutral, thirst quenching, but haves some taste to it too. And of course it's cheap ;).

Great summer for you too good reader! And don't forget (that would hardly be a problem..) to have some almighty beer every now and then.

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