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lauantai 11. kesäkuuta 2011

Blogging in english

I have wrote this beerblog now for some time already (about 1 1/2 years) and now this crazy idea came to my head, that it could be cool to write posts in english too. There is not much (if any) beerblogs in Finland that writes in english so I just have to try this out.
But just keep in mind that my native language is still finnish so my english isn't perfect, but I will be trying my best ;)
"Oluenystävän blogi" means "beerfriends blog".
My plan will be following: I still write post first in finnish and then translate it afterwards to english.

But now it's time for me to go out and enjoy some nice beer (perhaps even the great SN Bigfoot 2011..) in the warmth of the summer! Specially here, in the northern side of the world,
summertime is very welcomed and waited, since it's most of the time cold and dark.

Here's my first post ever translated in english:

"Baltika 6 (2/20/2010)

First of all I hope you all warmly welcome to read & comment my new beer blog. Mainly I write short beer reviews
to (finnish "ratebeer") with nick "Timpe", but now suddenly my beery soul wanted to start
a new blog centering around the world of beer. I have also a blog about music where you can find writings about hifi and an album reviews.

Finnish winter at the moment has been very very cold and harsh (Don't come to tell me about climate change here...),
so now we have just one more good reason to enjoy some warming dark beer.
We have here in Finland only one state-owned company named Alko, who is allowed by law to sell drinks containing alcohol
more than 4,7 alc.%. Drinks with alc.% below that can be sold in every stores.
Yes, it's a legal monopoly and have a quite poor selection of beers, but what can you do...
However they have two new stouts in their selections, Belhaven Scottish Stout and stronger guinness (8%) to belgian export,
but one porter too - and that's a Russian's one of the biggest brewerys Baltika's porter, or "number 6".
I have tasted this beer already in Estonia before, and thought it was ok.
honestly it was already a time to get some Russian beer to Alko (our neighbour country and all..).

This fullbodied beer tastes a little bit of black coffee, Dark Chocolate, some alcohol and a bit of some fruity hops.
This beer is nicely balanced and sweetness is no problem here. All in all it's a kinda typical example of baltic porter style,
though Sinebrychoff's Porter takes this russian easily to the back of the sauna and teach it a lesson or two...

Baltika No.6 is an ok porter with a low price tag. It's an average example of the baltic style porter but still there's a lots of better baltic style porters out there. Like Sinebrychoff's Porter that I mentioned already.
Taste it. Taste both of them if possible :).

Score 36/50 (7-4-7-3-15)"

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